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Blue Anchor
22 March 2007

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21 March 2007

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omid on Gourds
such beautiful frame, colors & details!

Robert D. Burr on Gourds
Lovely tones

Existence Artistique on Gourds

Existence Artistique on Corner Post with Grasses
superbe recherche

Existence Artistique on Indian Corn

Existence Artistique on San Isidro
bien ces croix

Existence Artistique on Milo in Kansas
bon travail

Existence Artistique on Latilla Fenceline
une intéressante recherche

Ronnie 2¢ on Latilla Fenceline
Well observed and presented - a photographer's image !

Existence Artistique on The Slide Trail

B. Thomas on Highly Saturated Fall Along the Rio Grande
I think it works really well in this case.

Darkelf Photography on Highly Saturated Fall Along the Rio Grande
I think it works well enough here by accenting the autumn tones. The composition is excellent and drew me right into ...

Existence Artistique on Highly Saturated Fall Along the Rio Grande

Dimitrios on Highly Saturated Fall Along the Rio Grande

Annima on Highly Saturated Fall Along the Rio Grande
Great colors!

ceteceva on Metal Bridge
Belle association de l'or des arbres et des couleurs métallisées du pont !

Existence Artistique on Metal Bridge
bien ce pont

Annima on Metal Bridge

Existence Artistique on Leaves in Sandstone
bien ces feuilles

Existence Artistique on Make a World Without Violence

omid on Make a World Without Violence
Excellent message!

Dimitrios on Open Shed
nice colours

Darkelf Photography on Orange Trees
Superb vivid tones!

Existence Artistique on Open Shed
bien vu

Brockaly on Open Shed
There is nothin' can be said That is anything like a shed

Ronnie 2¢ on Open Shed
A definite breach of security . .

Existence Artistique on Orange Trees

Ronnie 2¢ on Orange Trees
A glorious celebration of the season - wonderful to see.

Existence Artistique on Autumn Aspen
belles feuilles

Ronnie 2¢ on Autumn Aspen
Ah, reaching for the sky . . way to go !

Existence Artistique on Red Berry
bien la boule rouge

Existence Artistique on Empty Farmhouse
bel effet

Existence Artistique on Grasses at Kachina Peak

Darkelf Photography on Unnamed Church
Beautiful and secluded setting.

omid on Unnamed Church
Lovely view!

Existence Artistique on Unnamed Church

omid on White Place Labyrinth
Wonderful view !!!!!!!!

Existence Artistique on White Place Labyrinth

Ronnie 2¢ on Taos Mountain Morning
What a magical place to be . .

Existence Artistique on Taos Mountain Morning
intéressant le rendu du ciel

omid on Roadside Sunflowers
such beautiful composition, focus, colors & lights!

Ronnie 2¢ on Roadside Sunflowers
The sunflowers look intent on occupying all that open space . . given time, they will !

Existence Artistique on Roadside Sunflowers

Existence Artistique on Little Rainbow on Taos Mountain

Darkelf Photography on Weather
Fine drama created by the clouds.

Existence Artistique on Weather

Brockaly on Fluted Hills
Impressive stuff. The US has some major geology on display.

Existence Artistique on Fluted Hills

Existence Artistique on Windows: Church
belles couleurs

AMIR BABA on Windows: Church

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